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Case Study:
NY Care Information Gateway (formerly Interboro RHIO)

Interboro Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) is the clinical data exchange serving New York City and its surrounding communities. It’s a community driven model that allows healthcare providers and patients to exchange patient’s health information at the point of care. Such real time access to patient information allows participating professional to provide higher-quality care to all their patients.

Interboro’s clinical data exchange is broad, and includes hospitals, trauma centers, long-term care facilities, diagnostic centers, and private practices from across the New York City, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Its participating providers include the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation (NYCHHC), and the founding members include several HHC entities along with New York Hospital Queens and Visiting Nurse Services of New York.

The Challenge

Just like all healthcare organizations, compliance trainings are crucial for Bradford Health Services. Historically, Bradford Health Services conducted the training of their staff offline. Bradford has employees at thirty-one different locations. This made the management of data a tedious task.

Bradford wanted a Learning Management System that could support their compliance efforts. The management required a system that allowed them to provide their employees with better access to the training material, and assisted with the managing of training records across all thirty-one locations. Additionally, they needed an LMS which allowed them to upload their own courses and policies. Finally, Bradford Health Services was looking for a system that helped centralize their training programs.

Bradford identified the following pain points:

  1. As they trained a huge network of employees offline, the whole system was quite inefficient.
  2. Every center interpreted compliance requirements differently; this made it difficult to ensure that only suitable trainings were being assigned to the staff.
  3. It was tough to track if employees had completed their trainings.

Such discrepancies made internal audits an exhaustive task, and were affecting their compliance efforts adversely.


emPower provides Bradford Health Services with an ‘all-access’ LMS for employee training. Administrators create separate training accounts for every employee, and customize them to include only the courses that one requires to take. Additionally, the LMS provides Bradford the freedom to develop and upload their own courses and policies.

Another key feature of the emPower LMS was to allow Bradford to assign different levels of ‘admin’ access. This allowed individual centers to manage their training requirements independently.

The Results

Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits of using emPower LMS is its ease of usability. End user only have to deal with the courses they have been assigned.   Moreover, automated reminders ensure that employees don’t miss important deadlines and complete their trainings during the appointed window.

You can see how many employees have completed their compliance trainings, and who are yet to earn their certificates. emPower LMS makes it easier for us to ensure that nobody misses on their trainings.

“Hundreds of clinicians and their staff members stay updated through emPower training modules. Automated reminders have ensured everyone completes the training and are registered on the RHIO system. emPower’s custom video creation helped us train the clinicians.  emPower’s support has been outstanding and we have never faced any issues in the 5+ years we have been working with them.  Highly recommend emPower to anyone looking for an awesome LMS.”

– Isabel Rodriguez, MPH
Associate Director of Client Engagement
NY Care Information Gateway