The prime agenda of the HIPAA is to protect the privacy of the patient health information and simplify health insurance transactions between different service providers and patients. To accomplish this, it lays special emphasis on conversion of medical records of patient from paper to electronic format. The aim is to… Continue Reading HIPAA Compliance- Selecting the Right Biometric Technology

It is necessary for health service provider to place safeguards in system to protect the privacy of patient health information. A authentication system forms the first line of defense for the computer network and it is responsibility of the service provider to make it impenetrable to unauthorized access. Biometrics technology… Continue Reading Employing Biometrics to Ensure HIPAA Compliance

The increased use of the social media, especially Twitter, is a cause for concern for many people, keeping in the mind, the strict HIPAA compliance norms pertaining to patient health information. Twitter, is turning out to be the most favored communication tool, for healthcare professionals who want to maintain, quick… Continue Reading Twitter – Tweeting the HIPAA Way

The busy schedule at the workplace makes it difficult for the healthcare professionals to attend training programs that educate about various HIPAA¬†policies and standards. Many covered entities like the hospitals, multi-location clinics, health insurance companies and other health service providers are strictly bound by the HIPAA compliance norms and it… Continue Reading Employing E-learning to Achieve HIPAA Compliance

Social media is completely changing the way people communicate with each. The online networking platform that social media provides has made it quite easy for the people to converse, exchange ideas, share opinions and distribute information, to shape mass opinion about an individual, product, policy, healthcare, education, etc. The list… Continue Reading Balancing Social Media with HIPAA

HIPAA is a United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and consists of HIPAA I and HIPAA II. HIPAA I administer health insurance norms, which are meant for people who loose or change jobs. The HIPAA II is about standardization of healthcare procedure that the health providers are required… Continue Reading HIPAA- Enforcing Stricter Regulations to Provide Greater Protection for Patient Health Information

Howdy Readers, I was just going through an interesting read on the internet which i wish to share with you all.Why is the HIPAA Privacy Rule needed? When it comes to individual health and medical data it can be collected, stored, analyzed and distributed in unprecedented quantities and put to… Continue Reading HIPAA Privacy Policies and Standards

Health Conferences are the best place for knowledge and Networking.¬† Short Intro To emPower e-Learning emPower provides Regulatory Compliance solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations through Learning Management System (LMS). Learning Management system is an excellent vehicle that lets you deliver, track and manage training/education. emPower offers courses to stay… Continue Reading Health Conferences in Sept-Oct