“According to Varonis, 41% of organizations had more than 1,000 sensitive files open to every employee, with data such as “credit card information, health records, or personal information subject to regulations like GDPR, HIPAA and PCI” readily available to anyone with access to the system.” By Jonathan Greig, Tech Republic… Continue Reading Global accessibility – A Mistake Healthcare Providers Cannot Afford

Emerging technologies are beginning to blur the traditional, clear distinctions around privacy and health data – this is especially true with mobile health (mHealth) solutions. Those involved in regulatory circles are trying to develop a cohesive framework that will encourage innovation, while at the same time protect consumer privacy. A… Continue Reading mHealth Challenges Around Privacy and HIPAA

Like sand through an hourglass, time is trickling down to the HIPAA 5010 deadline. CMS recently granted the industry a grace period for transitioning to HIPAA 5010, but those grains of sand are dwindling ever faster, and there’s no time to lose for payers and providers still working toward compliance. Even with the “enforcement-free” period,… Continue Reading 5 tips for 11th hour HIPAA 5010 compliance

There are plenty of reasons to put HIPAA back on your radar, including an audit program and record-setting fines for violations. HIPAA Audit Program The HIPAA audit program mandated by the HITECH Act is underway. HHS recently awarded KPMG $9.2 million to commence the program. To date, HHS review of covered entities… Continue Reading HIPAA Activity on the Rise

The actual meaning of HIPAA compliance is simply if entities and offices are effectively following the rules that Congress set forth through all three parts of the HIPAA legislation. The government states that each of the covered entities must meet the requirements which HIPAA has set forth. The general principal of HIPAA… Continue Reading Learn More About HIPAA Compliance

A proposed change to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act would give people the right to see who has electronically accessed their protected health information.  The change is proposed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR). “We need to protect peoples’ rights… Continue Reading New HIPAA rule would show who sees health information

Social Media is the latest fad to sweep the world and has ignited debate about issues of privacy that are similar to the concerns that resulted in the passage of HIPAA. Some feel that privacy is irrelevant and that the benefits (whatever they may be) of free access to everything about… Continue Reading Considering Social Media, Mindful of HIPAA

Reprinted from REPORT ON PATIENT PRIVACY [11/15/10], the industry’s most practical source of news on HIPAA patient privacy provisions. The July 14 notice of proposed rulemaking issued by HHS to implement parts of the HITECH Act threw covered entities and business associates for a loop when it introduced the concept of subcontractors,… Continue Reading For HIPAA Compliance Purposes, Who Are ‘Agents’? The Facts Matter, but the Question Remains a Vexing One for Covered Entities and Business Associates

The new amendment to HIPAA Privacy and Security rule recently passed by Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) and which came into effect from February 17, 2010 makes it mandatory for all the Covered entities to revise their Business Associate Contract. The covered entity should… Continue Reading HIPAA Compliance through Business Associate Agreement

emPower e-learning solutions is one of the fastest growing healthcare e-learning solutions provider in United States, based in Kentucky. Our mission is to assist hospitals and healthcare institutions to provide superior quality of care to patients, meet corporate & government regulations and contribute to the overall quality of their institution… Continue Reading emPower – Providing E- Learning Advantage