There is no dearth of e-learning courses around the globe. But the question is: are these courses really enhancing the knowledge of children? While researching on this subject I came across staggering results. I found that although the numbers of e-learning courses have increased considerably in recent past; students are still unable… Continue Reading Arousing interests in students for e-learning courses through creative means

Student to Content Interactivity Interactivity can refer to a lot of things. In the online learning world, it often refers to collaboration & communication often done in discussions, blogs, chats, webinars, etc. However, the tips that follow are specifically for increasing the interactivity between the student and the content in your… Continue Reading 6 TIPS: MAXIMIZE LEARNING WITH INTERACTIVITY IN COURSES

In the present times internet plays a significant role in daily lives of people. The global reach it provides to the users has made it possible to educate people living far and wide. This has made it feasible to provide e-learning to people in a very cost-effective manner. The students… Continue Reading E-learning- Delivering Knowledge beyond Barriers of Time and Distance