The revised materials address OSHA’s Materials Handling and Storage standard that protects workers who service single-piece and multi-piece rim wheels. OSHA Compliance has revised its tire servicing materials to address current hazards in the industry and help workers safely perform maintenance on large vehicle tires. The revised materials address OSHA’s Materials… Continue Reading OSHA Updates Tire Servicing Materials Charts

This article talks about the concept of earning from learning in a growing organization. The concept works largely for employees who seek to make the most out of their current jobs Every business has to struggle hard to extract the best performance out of employees. While some companies use the… Continue Reading Ways To Make Money From Your Job Through Learning

When OSHA Compliance issues a new or revised health or safety standard, inevitably questions will arise. Perhaps OSHA did not define a key term used in the standard, or maybe they used some subjective language that could be open to interpretation. Issues such as these can make it difficult for employers to… Continue Reading Want to Really Understand an OSHA Standard? Read the Preamble!

Student to Content Interactivity Interactivity can refer to a lot of things. In the online learning world, it often refers to collaboration & communication often done in discussions, blogs, chats, webinars, etc. However, the tips that follow are specifically for increasing the interactivity between the student and the content in your… Continue Reading 6 TIPS: MAXIMIZE LEARNING WITH INTERACTIVITY IN COURSES

A traffic device designed to make roads safer for drivers proved to be the death of a Quincy, Mass., worker. On Oct. 18, 58-year-old Bobby DeCristofaro was repairing a traffic light for the city of Quincy when he fell to his death after his bucket truck was struck by a… Continue Reading Death of City Worker Highlights Need for Protections for Public Workers

eLearning has revolutionized the study arena in many ways. Presently, almost all recognized global universities have eLearning programs for various disciplines. Experts are trying to find out new ways through which students can learn faster and gain better knowledge of subjects so as to impart better learning on the electronic medias.… Continue Reading Using Game Mechanics to Enhance eLearning

A decade’s worth of inspection data in Washington suggests that a visit from the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) can be good not just for workplace safety, but also for a company’s bottom line. Researchers with the Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention (SHARP) program, L&I’s research unit, examined… Continue Reading Washington Study Finds Workplace Inspections Improve Safety, Save Money

There are plenty of reasons to put HIPAA back on your radar, including an audit program and record-setting fines for violations. HIPAA Audit Program The HIPAA audit program mandated by the HITECH Act is underway. HHS recently awarded KPMG $9.2 million to commence the program. To date, HHS review of covered entities… Continue Reading HIPAA Activity on the Rise

Maybe you’ve heard of the term “gamification,” and perhaps you’re wondering what it is and how it can be applied to eLearning. In short, gamification is the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications. Almost as important, as a definition of what it is, is a definition of what it’s… Continue Reading Gamification: Using Game Mechanics To Enhance ELearning

HIPAA Compliance: The objective behind  Sensitivity in maintaining individual health record of every person is too significant and this is what gets ensured under HIPAA security compliance, which aims at protecting an individual’s information to be obtained, created, used and maintained electronically at a specific healthcare unit or hospital. As… Continue Reading HIPAA vs The Cloud