By Kathryn Foxhall A minimum of required health IT standards and centralization of data is what’s needed to foster the best climate in which to develop a learning health system and provide a foundation for its expansion, according to the Institute of Medicine. These were some of the main conclusions garnered from… Continue Reading Minimal health IT standards, data control are a start for learning health system

The growing popularity of Internet has made it quite easy for the instructors to teach and train people online. The Learning Management System or LMS provides the right platform to launch and conduct e-learning. Content is the most important part of any e-learning course. The course providers should ensure that… Continue Reading E-Learning – Developing the Right Content

Learning Management or LMS as it popularly known, is basically a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, classroom and online events, e-learning programs, and training content. It is even known as a web-based technology used to plan, implement and assess a specific learning process.… Continue Reading E-Learning – Enjoying the LMS Advantage

In the present times, e-learning is rapidly gaining importance due to many advantages that it offers, compared to conventional education. The widespread use of internet has made it easy for the instructors to provide online education to students, living far and wide. E-learning provides students the much needed flexibility to… Continue Reading E-learning: Employing Learning Management System to Deliver Online Learning

The Learning Management System is an e-management system, which manages e-courses imparted to the online learners. The basic idea is to educate and train students who come from diverse fields. There are many online learning courses offered, which educate people about safer and better working environment. LMS is a software… Continue Reading Compliance Solution through Learning Management System

The future trend of e-learning method in medical education is greatly influenced by major trends in education industry i.e. (1) continuous change in Healthcare environment inclusive of advances in biomedical sciences and diagnoses & management of diseases, financing, organization, and delivery of health care services; (2) Adoption of emerging communication, simulation, and information technology… Continue Reading New evolution to Healthcare Learning