Five hospitals are the first in the nation to receive The Joint Commission’s advanced certification for palliative care, a six-month-old program that the agency’s David Eickemeyer says “has taken off faster than any other advanced certification program we’ve ever introduced, including stroke.” The Joint Commission does not have a “regular” palliative care… Continue Reading Joint Commission Issues First Palliative Care Certifications

Wrong drug administration or a drug mix up can cause serious harm to the health of the patient. The risk increases manifolds, if the patient happens to be a child. A baby, kid or grown up child are at high risk from wrong drug administration and it is of utmost… Continue Reading Joint Commission: Ensuring Highest Pediatric Care Standards Through Safer Medication

Wrong medication is a worrisome issue that haunts the healthcare facilities around the world. Improper medication procedures lead to unsafe drug mix up or drug overdose, which exposes the patient to risk of drug complications and at same time increases the cost of treatment. The Joint Commission strives to make… Continue Reading Joint Commission: Enhancing Patient Safety through Better and Safer Management of Medication

The Joint Commission has laid down rules and regulations to deal with disruptive behavior of the healthcare workers. The purpose is to control unprofessional behavior of the nurses, doctors, technicians and other healthcare workers by issuing sanctions against them. The aim is to reduce or eliminate completely disruptive behavior and ensure that… Continue Reading Joint Commission: Adopting the Right Approach to Eradicate Disruptive Behavior from the Health Care System

Joint Commission is a non-profit and non government organization that provides accreditation to hospitals and healthcare organizations. The commission has health care surveyors who visit hospital and healthcare facilities to check for the compliance of healthcare norms that have been framed by the Joint Commission. Patient safety is one of… Continue Reading Joint Commission- Ensuring Highest Patient Safety Standards