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Sample Tutorials

emPower Lite LMS

  • 24x7 training for geographically dispersed learners

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) model - This helps to use the system anywhere, anytime and relieves you from the hassles of managing infrastructure – We do that for you

  • Simplified administration and monitoring of training programs

  • Comprehensive reporting mechanism to check effectiveness

  • Built in assessment engine to create and assign quizzes

  • Schedule emails to remind learners

  • Conformity to global standards like SCORM to allow third party content

  • Ability to limit training access to ensure security

  • 128 bit secure SSL authentication

  • Customize the LMS to suit your needs

emPower Advanced LMS

You have the choice – Use it as a Service or get it installed on your servers.

Some Features
Learner Portal
Skill Gap and Performance Analysis