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Benefits of LMS

Save Money
  • Organizations typically save 50-70% using eLearning compared to traditional learning methods

  • Minimize Trainer, Instructional and Travel Costs by over 50%

  • No Record Keeping and Reporting expense

Save Time
  • eLearning has 50-60% better consistency and 30-60% higher retention

  • Effort and Cost saving for Geographically Diverse Employees.

  • Consistent course delivery

Ensure Compliance

We will help you track and ensure that courses mandated by various government and other regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, JCAHO, OSHA are completed by all the employees.

Implement and Deploy e-Learning portal within hours

Your portal with your theme and look and feel and the courses that you need with the employees whose logins need to be created would be deployed in less than 24 hours GUARANTEED!!!

Ease of Accessibility
  • Access your account anywhere anytime at a pace convenient to you.

  • Take your quizzes and tests at a time convenient t you.

  • Simple steps for configuration and 24X7 support

Strict personnel access policies.

Eliminate unnecessary timetables

Reduce classroom setup costs

Optimize information flow, so that knowledge gap is minimized

Ensure high competence and dependable performance

Implement multiple training courses on a single platform

Deliver learning in multiple languages

Usage in various industries and verticals
  • An Insurance company adopts Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver and manage a comprehensive learning and performance initiative for its employees.

  • An educational establishment uses Learning Management System (LMS) to administer and track the progress of employees throughout the entire training cycle as well as manage compliance with industry standards and regulations.

  • A managed service provider chooses Learning Management System (LMS) for developing array of courses covering major sales techniques for its sales staff to get results and get ahead.

  • Learning Management System (LMS) allows clinics to centralize content, student management, and reporting in one convenient interface and technology package.

  • An IT consulting company lays down Learning Management System (LMS) to meet training needs related to compliance requirements and IT training.

  • A technology company has posted its entire employee handbook to Learning Management System (LMS) which is then used as part of its new-hire training.