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To ensure compliance with laws and regulations it is essential to raise awareness and Information sharing among employees through education.

Compliance education offers customized training solutions to your staff and management to get in-depth understanding of regulations to become more productive which contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Formerly, healthcare industry was tagged as technology laggard as no electronic system maintained for health records. The ultimate objective of Healthcare entities is to become highly efficient providers of quality patient care, equip system to maintain electronic health records and information and securely control critical aspects of patient safety care. For achieving this objective, healthcare sector needs to ensure compliance with relevant regulations depending on organization’s strength and many other factors to avoid penalty issues for breach of compliance. Healthcare compliance comprises of comprehensive rules and procedures mandated by regulatory institutions such as HIPAA, OSHA, Red Flags rule, Joint commission and other accrediting bodies to secure world from the threats for global health concern.

emPower e-learning solutions – Dynamic e-learning Solutions for Healthcare Compliance

Established in August 2008, emPower e-learning solutions was developed to offer e-learning solutions for healthcare compliance powered by most comprehensive and reliable Learning Management System (LMS) with robust features, flexibility, scalability & value that caters to organizations to achieve their competitive advantage with dynamic efficiency.

emPower e-learning solutions with offices in US, and India provides end-to-end e-learning services, with strong focus on quality assured online compliance training content for the healthcare professionals. We deliver world class training and customized e-learning solutions that constantly improve performance while delivering timely execution and value for money.

We provide a Learning Management System (LMS) and an array of courses including those mandated by government and other regulatory bodies such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Joint Commission and Red Flag Rule. We can also partner up with you to create custom courses through ADDIE model tailored to suit your e-learning solutions. Apart from this empower e-learning solutions also offers custom demos and tutorials for your website, business process management and software implementation.

Service Offerings

emPower e-learning solutions develops interactive, engaging and customized e-learning solutions that effectively satisfies employees regulatory training requirements. Our solutions are designed using a broad collection of e-learning, e-Reference and blended learning solutions that provides support to all levels of the organization. Our online courses cover compliance solutions and human resource policies to ensure that employees have the right knowledge, skills and proficiencies to succeed in achieving business goals.

Our e-learning solution includes:

» 70+ HR policies and procedures that covers major employer-employee issues like COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) , ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) and many other regulations that affect employee policies.

» 80+ OSHA, HIPAA, Joint Commission, Red Flag Rule and Information Security courses can help your organization to comply with federal regulations.

» Tracking mechanism ensures employee’s compliance e-learning progress in real-time

» Courses followed by advanced quiz and certificate for assessment purpose

» Upload your own courses and policies

» Customized practice-specific solutions

» Competitive price – Zero setup fee

Our e-learning solution includes:

The company serves more than 38 clients who have developed an effective performance management strategy to suit their requirements and allowed them to implement, manage, and monitor the e-learning project as well as employee progress.

Joe Sasson, Ph.D. Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives MedAxiom, Inc. says "I want to reiterate how great the tutorial looks. I think the technology is equal for everyone but what you were able to do with it is beautiful and effective. You have a great grasp of what you´re doing and the turn-around times were remarkable. I would highly recommend emPower to anyone who needs such demos or tutorials developed. You provide "GREAT VALUE!!"