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Data Center

Below some of the feature of our data center that hosts our learning management system and courses.

Access Controls

  • Strict personnel access policies.

  • Computer-controlled access keys for all building entries.

  • Multi-stage controlled access to data center, video-equipped and with intrusion and tampering alarms.

  • Computer-controlled access keys for all building entries.

  • Biometric scanning required for access to data center.

  • Photo ID required for all customer personnel.

  • All outside service personnel are constantly escorted.


  • Built to Seismic Zone 3 standards.

  • FM200 sensors installed for data center floor and ceiling.

  • Fire Suppression FM200 dry chemical fire detection and suppression system.

  • Away from major metropolitan target areas for man-made disasters.

  • Pre-action dry pipe zone-only sprinkler system.

Power and Environmental Control

  • Multiple 30-ton Liebert environmental cooling systems.

  • 750 KW backup diesel generator.

  • Air conditioners set to maintain a temperature range between 68F and 72F and humidity at 45%-55% RH.

  • Humidity and zone temperature control.

  • Liebert 3-phase 300 KVA UPS system provides conditioned power.

  • Static-dissipative raised floor and sub-floor.

Network Connectivity

  • Cisco switches cross-connected to routers, using HSRP for dual client connection.

  • Redundant fiber access points into the facility.

  • Multi-homed Tier 1 connectivity through a fully-meshed regional IP network with US connectivity to UUNET, Sprint, and AT&T, and Canadian connectivity to Shaw.

  • Redundant cross-configured Cisco router network utilizing BGP.

  • 24 x 7 network monitoring.